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Philip Harvey - Senior Partner

Photo of Philip Harvey - Senior Partner

Prior to 1993, country houses and farms ruled my heart; however an eight year immersion in Kensington and Chelsea changed that. I now have the perfect compromise, advising on the purchase of everything from new Surrey mansions to rolling Suffolk farms. I also get to live the rural South Downs idyll with my wife, children and assorted animals. I count the number of clients who have become friends as one of my greatest achievements. The only downside is a lack of time to improve my golf, sail the seven seas and practise yoga. 


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Robert Fanshawe – Partner

Photo of Robert Fanshawe – Partner

One of the many strengths of Property Vision is that the Partners have a great variety of backgrounds.  My time in the property world has flown by and I have now done this since 2005. Before that I owned and managed a small chain of clothes shops, following a spell in the Forces.  I work in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, have three children who now advise me and my N+1 is a road bike. 


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Tim Hubbard - Partner

Photo of Tim Hubbard - Partner

I joined Property Vision in 2006 when we opened our Home Counties office, and have been entirely focused on this market ever since. My upbringing, schooling, family and much of my life has been ensconced in Surrey and Berkshire, which is where I have concentrated my work. Aside from property, I have worked on a trading floor, as well as in the car industry, and will always have a weakness for ball sports and activities in the mountains.


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George Wade – Partner

Photo of George Wade – Partner

I am now in my ninth year at Property Vision and still a ‘new boy’, which says something about our team and belief in what we do.  I was brought up in Dorset and Somerset, spent 12 years in Gloucestershire before coming home to Dorset nearly nine years ago.  I’m married to Emma, a photographer, and we have two young children that keep me focused. Amongst other things, I am one of the Masters of the Portman Hunt – which is a great way to see the country. 


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Henry Hannon – Partner

Photo of Henry Hannon – Partner

I have lived in Wiltshire all my life.  I grew up at my family’s racing yard where I’ve been able to meet the most diverse range of people from all walks of life from a very young age.  I go racing regularly and still very much support the family business, which is now run by my triplet brother.  My passions are people and property, which is why I have been able to make myself so at home at Property Vision since joining in 2007.


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Nick Ashe - Senior Advisor

Photo of Nick Ashe - Senior Advisor

I joined Property Vision 28 years ago. I have lived in Hampshire for 30 years and recently moved to south Oxfordshire, close to our Hungerford office. I love property, I work with great people and we work for really interesting clients. Why work anywhere else? I am married with two children and my passions are fishing, travel and running.


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Alexander Cavill

Photo of Alexander Cavill

In 2016, I left a career teaching Design, Engineering and Electronics at one of the country’s top private schools to work in property. Having helped numerous clients navigate the property market, I came over to Property Vision in October 2018. The idea of working just for the client, getting to know them and helping to find their dream home really appealed to me.

I have spent most of my life in the rolling countryside and bucolic towns of Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. I have cycled solo across the length of the country, built my own car from scratch and coached the Radley College Gentleman’s VIII rowing team to an Invictus season.


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Nicola Owen

Photo of Nicola Owen

Having started my career with Savills, I have been working as an executive assistant for over fifteen years.  Throughout my career to date, I have provided direct support to individual senior board level directors, groups of executives, company owners and extended family members.  Coming full circle, I find myself back in the property environment and have been with Property Vision for nearly a decade. 


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Hana Parish

Photo of Hana Parish

I have worked for Property Vision since 2000, working from The Old Rectory cottage in a beautiful part of West Berkshire.  We have been through expansion, we’ve opened and closed offices, experienced sell out and buyout, and the team I work with in the country is still almost intact. I love long walks in the English countryside in any weather, reading good books and looking through property brochures.  I haven’t been round the world, yet, but travelled the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire and most of the Czech Republic, where I come from. 


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Charlotte Murray

Photo of Charlotte Murray

Until 2014, I’d spent my whole life in Scotland. But I’d always had an interest in property, so London felt like the natural place for me. When an opportunity arose to join Property Vision to cover maternity leave, I jumped at the chance. A year later I find myself back at here in a new role. 

My first obsession was horses, and although it’s virtually impossible to keep a horse and work in London, I do try to get back in the saddle as often as possible. I love to spend my weekends experiencing the incredible sights and sounds of London, and also try to head back up to my native Scotland whenever I can.


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Patricia Dight

Photo of Patricia Dight

I've been at Property Vision for eight years. With a knowledge of West Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire in particular (I was born in Sussex and now live on the Berkshire/Surrey borders), my role at Property Vision has grown into much more than just database work in terms of local knowledge and research.  I love architecture, languages and travelling, particularly to France where I have spent several summers with my family.  I also teach the piano. 


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