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Philip Harvey - Senior Partner

Photo of Philip Harvey - Senior Partner

Prior to 1993, country houses and farms ruled my heart; however an eight year immersion in Kensington and Chelsea changed that. I now have the perfect compromise, advising on the purchase of everything from new Surrey mansions to rolling Suffolk farms. I also get to live the rural South Downs idyll with my wife, children and assorted animals. I count the number of clients who have become friends as one of my greatest achievements. The only downside is a lack of time to improve my golf, sail the seven seas and practise yoga. 


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Simon Connell - Partner

Photo of Simon Connell - Partner

Having seen how things were done on the sales side of the fence, my decision to join Property Vision in 2005 was a simple one. It’s a place that prides itself on clear, concise and honest advice and who wouldn’t aspire to be part of that? It’s also a lot of fun. Outside of work I attempt to play golf (often poorly) and love practically any sport you can think of. I live in South West London with my wife and three children. 


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Richard Marsh - Partner

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Farming was my initial career choice, but after some years stuck out on the Lincolnshire Fens, I decided to seek fame and fortune in London. After a brief foray into various other professions, including floristry, I spent a few years selling houses in South West London, before realising that it was possible to stay in the same industry and do so honestly, my epiphany! Since joining PV in 2001 I have covered the same patch and live there with my family, with quarterly visits to see our Middle East clients thrown in to keep me on my toes.


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Roarie Scarisbrick - Partner

Photo of Roarie Scarisbrick - Partner

I graduated in History of Art from St Andrews and headed for the bright lights of London, where I was assured the streets were paved with gold. When I joined Property Vision in 2004, I was issued with a scooter, an A to Z, and in my first year I looked at nearly a thousand properties. It has been an amazing time and I have seen some exceptional properties and worked with incredible clients, many of whom have become friends.  In my spare time I head back to the hills of Scotland, where I grew up, and have travelled the world in search of hard fighting fish.


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Gulnara Long - Partner

Photo of Gulnara Long - Partner

In 1990s Moscow, while still at university, I started a property business to help the growing number of corporate ex-pats understand the market. Inspired by the clients I met I came to London to complete an MBA at London Business School, then worked as a management consultant.

Straightaway I fell for the charms of London and, since joining the Property Vision team in 2005, I have come to know its distinctive neighbourhoods and been lucky to see some of its most important houses.

I enjoy helping my clients - both families and investors - establish a home here. During the weekends, when I’m not doing yoga, I can be seen along the paths of nearby Richmond Park with my two daughters.


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James Horgan - Partner

Photo of James Horgan - Partner

Almost thirty years after leaving the French Lycee I find myself a few doors down at Property Vision in South Kensington. 

In the intervening years I have studied architecture at Cambridge, spent sixteen years at a global real estate firm, gotten married and now have three young children. 

I joined the Property Vision team to head up the commercial real estate arm.  Here I embrace the variety that commercial property offers, investing in and managing assets across a broad range of sectors on behalf of some great clients. 

Over the years I have enjoyed various challenges such as a cross-country ski marathon, cycling over the Atlas Mountains and swimming across the Solent; today most of my entertainment comes from our energetic children and the occasional game of tennis and golf.

In time the plan is for my wife and me to design and build our own home, but not before we’ve completed restoring our listed house in Sevenoaks. 


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James Holroyd - Partner

Photo of James Holroyd - Partner

Prior to joining Property Vision I spent seven years working on the other side – the selling side. Never completely comfortable with accentuating the positives and washing over all the pitfalls, I had my light bulb moment in 2010 and realised I really had a servant’s heart. The fulfilment of working in partnership with your client, to achieve the best result for them to me is unrivalled. Away from work I am a keen sports enthusiast and am especially passionate about golf and cricket.


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Charlie Ellingworth

Photo of Charlie Ellingworth

I started Property Vision and am still here thirty years later. Why - because I like the energy and commitment to excellence. I am on the board of the Cadogan Estate and a trustee there, as well as a director of other smaller property companies. I write novels, plays and regular articles for the FT and other magazines. I have also crashed a plane, fallen off a horse and been buried in an avalanche over the last few years. Carpe diem. 


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Peter Mackie - Senior Advisor

Photo of Peter Mackie - Senior Advisor

My first job was in Research and Development. Two patents later, I left for a career in property, arriving at Property Vision over twenty years ago. It was new and fun and it focused on what was important, people. All the lateral skills that I had learnt in research and development were utilised and tested every day and, with demanding partners, it is never dull. I also run my family estate in Northern Ireland which includes forestry and a wedding business, and chair an Irish Grouse conservation project, which was awarded a Purdey Game and Conservation award in 2011. Interests are an eclectic mix, which include being a member of The St Moritz Tobogganing Club, watching ballet at the Royal Opera House and getting on the occasional horse.



Sarah Vaulkhard - Advisor

Photo of Sarah Vaulkhard - Advisor

After graduating I worked for Savills in their head  office in Mayfair for eight years. I  specialised in the sale and acquisition of some of the largest and most expensive farms and estates and frequently crossed paths with Property Vision . When I wasn’t driving the length and breadth of the country, living off Service Station sandwiches I completed a Masters in Property at Reading University. Five years ago I moved to Singapore and now help to look after Property Vision’s overseas clients as well as generating new business and forging new relationships across South East Asia.


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Olivia Dunham

Photo of Olivia Dunham

After several years as a team assistant at a London estate agent, I made the decision to take time off and embark upon a whirlwind tour of the world visiting parts of India, Australia and The Americas; one life lesson learned is never turn your back on a monkey.

Upon returning, my property background and interest in the industry steered me in the direction of Property Vision.

I am lucky enough to be based in eclectic Notting Hill and enjoy trips to the theatre and the latest art exhibitions when possible.  


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Caterina Amandini

Photo of Caterina Amandini

I have always had an interest in people and property.  Prior to joining Property Vision I spent three and a half years involved in the restaurant industry and in the later years ran the Sales and Events department of a restaurant in the Shard.  Although this was a fantastic experience, I wanted to pursue my other interest - property.  I therefore joined a London estate agent and from there I am lucky enough to have found Property Vision.  I support both the residential and commercial teams at Property Vision.  Outside work I enjoy being active whilst also trying out the new delights on the ever changing London restaurant scene. 


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Eric Yeo - Partner

Photo of Eric Yeo - Partner

I hail from Singapore and have been the Financial Officer of the company for 15 years. As an ex-tank commander from the Singapore Armed Forces you would expect the finance function to be well disciplined and super efficient. And it is. I am also the Finance Director of a corporate events company in London. A fervent badminton and tennis player all year round.


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Sasha Penny

Photo of Sasha Penny

I enjoyed working in residential property for nearly twenty years and, after some time away, I have naturally gravitated back to the industry.  I manage our comprehensive internal database which holds records going back 25 years and is used daily by our three offices, so I will be working closely with the team to ensure we hold the next 25 years in good stead.


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Carolyn Monty

Photo of Carolyn Monty

Skiing took me round the world in my twenties, as an instructor and guide.  International teamwork learned both in the tourist industry and as PR support in the offices of UNICEF Geneva give a good base to working here at Property Vision which I joined almost two years ago:  an inspiring group of people to help you find that special place to live, and it’s enjoyable working on the database management.


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