Motorbike Thefts

There is an epidemic of motorbike thefts going on in London - particularly of the smarter brands of scooters. This is rather close to home as we have been the victims of five actual thefts resulting in insurance claims and three more attempts in the last year. This compares to one stolen in the ten years before that.

This is not kids going for joyrides - but violent, intimidating and well organised crime. One of our partners was minding his own business at home two nights ago when he heard a disturbance outside his house in South London. Six men were surrounding his bike: two with metal grinders and four with metal bars - and the metal bars were for keeping the crowd of neighbours at bay. The bike was secured with three chains, one immobilising disk lock on each wheel, a steering lock and an engine immobiliser. Surrounded, and with the police called, they calmly broke through all the chains and disks, snapped the steering lock and then, with another bike pushing it, rode it away. 

This Youtube video shows how they do it.

And the police? They won't chase them and the only hope is if a tracking device on the bike is still working. They found the partner's bike in Acton. He was lucky.

There are some major questions here. What are police going to do about it? If they don't do something then it is only a matter of time before vigilante methods will be used. Why aren't  the manufacturers building in  tracking devices that are tamper proof and effective as well as building into the design of the bike a method of completely immobilising it, making it secure from everything except a lorry and crane?

Both are going to have to up their game.