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Landowners and Rewilding

Lockdown has led many to enjoy the nature on their doorsteps. Pollution levels in towns and cities have plummeted, wild species are thriving, and goats have roamed the streets of Llandudno. Many agree that this is a positive outcome from an otherwise challenging period, focusing hitherto distracted minds on the need to address the imbalances in our natural environment.

For those who’ve been campaigning to encourage nature to re-establish itself across parts of Britain – rewilding, in other words – this is good news. Even before the pandemic, energy behind the concept was gathering strength. Last year, landowner Isabella Tree’s book, Wilding, reached the Sunday Times best seller list; Collins Dictionary shortlisted ‘rewilding’ as word of the year; all the major political parties endorsed it as part of their general election campaigns.

As property buyers and advisors, we’re increasingly being asked about the drive to rewild, even during these months of lockdown. But the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the nation’s food security. What does the future hold for rewilding? Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

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