Wilton Edited 002



£4-6.5 million




Private client


Client agreed to pay 50% of final fee up front.

Property purchased off-market.

Built in 2009 by current owners.

Underwent refresh before being available.

Duration: Nearly 2 years from client introduction to completion.


Finding a suitable family home in Sunningdale/Virginia Water in Surrey, that met our client’s stringent criteria posed a significant challenge. With a budget ranging from £4 to £6.5 million, the task was not merely about locating a property but securing one that encompassed 6,000 to 10,000 square feet on at least one acre of land. Moreover, the property had to possess specific attributes, such as being off-market and having undergone recent refurbishments. Additionally, the timeline stretched over nearly two years, demanding patience and perseverance.


After a rigorous search and negotiation process, we successfully acquired a family home that met their exacting standards. Despite the prolonged duration, the culmination of the project marked a moment of triumph. The comprehensive efforts invested in locating the ideal property paid off as the client found their dream home in Sunningdale/Virginia Water, providing a fitting conclusion to the arduous journey.

Your Unfair Advantage

Our client's willingness to pay 50% of the final fee up front provided a significant advantage in navigating the complexities of the property market. This financial commitment demonstrated a strong intent and underscored the seriousness with which the client pursued their objective. Additionally, the ability to access off-market properties widened the scope of available options, granting an edge in discovering hidden gems that aligned precisely with the client's preferences. These strategic advantages, combined with meticulous planning and execution, contributed to the successful acquisition of the desired property within the specified parameters.

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