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Country Property

The countryside boasts a wide variety of classical rectories, hideaway farmhouses and cutting-edge contemporary homes. But they all share one thing in common: the best-in-class only rarely become available. We have the contacts to open doors that seem closed, and the skills to make transactions happen.

Clients need more than patience if they’re to acquire their ideal country property. In the average year, two-thirds of the most desirable homes are bought off-market.

Property Vision specialises in the Art of the Possible. Whether asked to find a farm or a manor house, we don’t just wait for the ripe plum to fall; we’re pro-active in shaking the tree. To avoid conflicts of interest, we never work simultaneously for two clients with identical briefs.

Due to the number of people we have on the ground, we see more, hear more and know more than anyone else about the areas we cover. Each member of our expert team focuses on a specific region and usually lives there. We are consistently ranked as the number one advisor to clients looking to buy in the English countryside.

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