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The benefits of owning low or zero carbon properties go well beyond helping the planet. They command higher capital values, allow cheaper borrowing, generate superior yields and significantly reduce running costs. In what is a highly complex area, we provide objective guidance on how real estate assets can be made more sustainable.

We understand that clients have very different appetites and budgets when it comes to sustainability. Our role is to maximise positive impact within these parameters.

We can help with every stage, from brief setting through search and acquisition, to implementing a fully costed strategy. Our approach is holistic and ‘fabric first’, with thermal modelling as the recommended first step. Identifying opportunities to mitigate energy loss should always be conducted before specifying new heat and power sources.

We can also assist with decarbonising land holdings and increasing biodiversity.

All guidance is provided on a not-for-profit basis, including no-fee introductions to a network of expert advisors and contractors. We know that every pound spent on advice is a pound that cannot be spent on future-proofing the asset, or helping protect the planet.