£4-4.5 million




Private client


Off-market purchase.

Recently refurbished to high standard.

Extensive gardens and grounds (11+ acres).

Close proximity to village amenities.

Ancillary accommodation available.

Stunning countryside surrounds.


Sourcing a rural home with ample space for an extended family within the client's budget of £4-4.5 million proved to be a daunting task. The specific requirements, including a minimum of 6 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms, and a picturesque garden, added to the complexity. Furthermore, the client desired a property close to village amenities, with ancillary accommodations, and surrounded by beautiful countryside—a combination that presented a unique challenge in the real estate market.


After a meticulous search spanning 2.5 years, the journey culminated in a gratifying conclusion. The off-market purchase of a recently refurbished property exceeded the client's expectations. Situated amidst stunning gardens and grounds spanning over 11 acres, the rural estate not only met but surpassed the desired criteria. With its ample bedrooms, spacious reception rooms, and proximity to village amenities, it provided the perfect setting for the client's retirement dreams to unfold.

Your Unfair Advantage

Despite the challenges, the client's perseverance, coupled with the expertise of our country team, proved to be the unfair advantage in this venture. Leveraging their network and resources, they unearthed a hidden gem—an off-market property of unparalleled quality. The recent refurbishments, coupled with the expansive grounds and ancillary accommodations, positioned the property as an exceptional find in the competitive real estate landscape.

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