Country Home Wiltshire



£2-3 million




Private client


Old Rectory type property built in 2002 with reclaimed bricks.

Features top-of-the-range insulation, double glazing, and solar panels.

Includes ground source pump for heating and air source pump for indoor pool.

Larger than anticipated, justified by sustainability and renewable energy.

Manageable costs align with ecological credentials.


Navigating the limited market for country houses close to the children's school within a budget of £2-3 million posed a significant challenge. The client, an accountant, sought a property with 3-5 bedrooms and space for both family and horses. Originally envisioning an Old Rectory style property, they encountered difficulty finding a suitable match.


Despite initial setbacks, the client's search concluded with the discovery of a property built in 2002 from reclaimed bricks. While larger than anticipated, its blend of old and new features, including top-of-the-range insulation, double glazing, and renewable energy sources like solar panels and heat pumps, aligned perfectly with their sustainability goals. The property's ecological credentials made it a compelling choice, allowing them to justify the slightly higher cost as manageable due to reduced energy expenses.

Your Unfair Advantage

The property's standout feature was its sustainable infrastructure, including a ground source pump for heating the main house and an air source pump for the indoor swimming pool. These renewable energy solutions not only reduced the property's environmental footprint but also promised long-term cost savings. Despite its size exceeding expectations, the property's eco-friendly design provided an unexpected advantage, making it an ideal fit for the client's needs and values.

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