£3-4 million




Private client


Country location, accessible to London.

Assisted in finding a rental property while waiting for the right property to buy.

Confidential off-market purchase.

Facilitated meetings with architect and builders.

Duration: 3 years from client introduction to completion.


Navigating the unique demands of a retired client seeking a country house near London with a budget of £3-4 million posed a multifaceted challenge. Balancing the need for rural tranquillity with accessibility to the city, while also ensuring discretion in the property search, required a strategic approach. Additionally, the extended duration of three years from client introduction to completion added layers of complexity to the process, necessitating sustained commitment and flexibility.


After a meticulous three-year journey, the conclusion marked a triumph of persistence and tailored service. The client's vision of a country retreat close to friends, yet within reach of London, was realized with the identification and acquisition of the perfect property. By facilitating seamless transitions, from temporary rentals to the confidential off-market purchase, we ensured the client's satisfaction and peace of mind throughout the entirety of the process.

Your Unfair Advantage

Our ability to offer a personalized, discreet service provided an unfair advantage in achieving the client's objectives. By leveraging our network and expertise, we not only located suitable rental properties for interim accommodation but also navigated the intricate landscape of off-market purchases with finesse. Facilitating crucial connections between the client, architects, and builders further streamlined the path to realizing the client's dream home, underscoring our commitment to delivering exceptional results tailored to individual needs.

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