£3-4 million




Returning country clients, retired and live between New York and London


Began search in Marylebone; expanded to different areas and building types.

Successfully navigated a complex lease structure.

Entire process from introduction to completion took 7 months.


The task at hand was to find a suitable 2-bedroom flat in London's prestigious neighbourhoods of Marylebone, Belgravia, or Chelsea within a budget range of £3-4 million. Complicating matters was the clients' status as old country retirees, splitting their time between New York and London, necessitating a seamless transition and management of the property in their absence. Additionally, the exploration of alternative areas and buildings added layers of complexity to the search process.


After a thorough exploration and navigation through various options, the journey culminated in a successful acquisition. Despite the intricate lease structures and the couple's transatlantic lifestyle, a fitting residence was secured, meeting their criteria and expectations. The conclusion marked not just the acquisition of a property but the establishment of a comfortable and convenient London base for the clients' lifestyle.

Your Unfair Advantage

What set this search apart was the personalized approach taken to cater to the specific needs and circumstances of the clients. By delving beyond the initial parameters of location and property type, and by adeptly manoeuvring through complex lease structures, a tailored solution was crafted. This bespoke service, coupled with a deep understanding of both the market and the clients' requirements, afforded an unfair advantage in securing the ideal London residence within a reasonable timeframe of 7 months.

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