10 February 2023 Prime Resi

Top buying agency marks 40 years in business with 'huge increase' in client enquiries & international expansion plans

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Property Vision is preparing to launch an international business later this year.

Top-flight buying agency Property Vision has started its 40th year with a bang, heralding a “huge increase” in buyer registrations and outlining plans for international expansion.

The firm started out four decades ago, in 1983, and now employs 35 people including eight partners, advising high net worth property-hunters about their residential and commercial real estate acquisitions. “We were certainly the first to make buying agency a new category of business,” says Senior Partner Philip Harvey, who joined in 2001 and stepped up to the top job in 2018.

“Quite simply, Property Vision sees more properties than anyone else,” declares the firm, promising clients: “if it exists, [PV] will not only find the property before it hits the mark but also help you secure it.”

Beyond property search, the agency provides a realm of ancillary advice – working with interior designers, lawyers, surveyors and specialist heritage and environmental organisations – to make moves easier and minimise surprises for clients.

2022 was a busy year for the firm, and the expectation is for more of the same through 2023 – despite widespread anticipation of a wider property market slowdown. “2022 saw a lot of activity at the top end of the market and we feel this will be the same for 2023,” says James Holroyd of the London market. In the country market, Tim Hubbard has seen “a huge increase in buyers registering with agents and client enquiries” so far this year. “Many of the buyers had parked searches last year with the uncertainty and the interest hikes and now buyers are coming back at all levels,” he tells us.

Now PV is looking beyond the UK; an international division is slated to launch in April this year.

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