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Many of our clients are looking to acquire properties in high-value markets outside England. In response to this, we’ve launched PV International: a buyer-only solution that combines Property Vision’s proven levels of service with best-in-breed local expertise.

It can be hard enough to find the perfect property in your own country. It’s even more difficult when searching overseas, especially given different laws and unfamiliar sales processes. We’ve created PV International to help solve this challenge.

We’ve hand-picked associates around the world, each with intimate knowledge of the country or region they serve. All are formally committed to replicating Property Vision’s ways-of-working and quality of service.

We maintain full oversight of every mandate and can be as hands-on as you desire. It’s common for us to accompany clients on their first visit so we can make an in-person introduction.

We’ve hand-picked associates throughout Europe and the Caribbean, with the network rapidly expanding. Our aim is to eventually provide buyers with expert advice in all key property markets around the world.

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