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Nick Ashe

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I joined Property Vision 28 years ago. I have lived in Hampshire for 30 years and recently moved to south Oxfordshire, close to our Hungerford office. I love property, I work with great people and we work for really interesting clients. Why work anywhere else? I am married with two children and my passions are fishing, travel and running.


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Henry Hannon

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I have lived in Wiltshire all my life.  I grew up at my family’s racing yard where I’ve been able to meet the most diverse range of people from all walks of life from a very young age.  I go racing regularly and still very much support the family business, which is now run by my triplet brother.  My passions are people and property, which is why I have been able to make myself so at home at Property Vision since joining in 2007.


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George Wade

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I am now in my ninth year at Property Vision and still a ‘new boy’, which says something about our team and belief in what we do.  I was brought up in Dorset and Somerset, spent 12 years in Gloucestershire before coming home to Dorset nearly nine years ago.  I’m married to Emma, a photographer, and we have two young children that keep me focused. Amongst other things, I am one of the Masters of the Portman Hunt – which is a great way to see the country. 


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Robert Fanshawe

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One of the many strengths of Property Vision is that the Partners have a great variety of backgrounds.  My time in the property world has flown by and I have now done this since 2005. Before that I owned and managed a small chain of clothes shops, following a spell in the Forces.  I work in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, have three children who now advise me and my N+1 is a road bike. 


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Nicola Owen

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Having started my career with Savills, I have been working as an executive assistant for over fifteen years.  Throughout my career to date, I have provided direct support to individual senior board level directors, groups of executives, company owners and extended family members.  Coming full circle, I find myself back in the property environment and have been with Property Vision for nearly a decade. 


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Hana Parish

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I have worked for Property Vision since 2000, working from The Old Rectory cottage in a beautiful part of West Berkshire.  We have been through expansion, we’ve opened and closed offices, experienced sell out and buyout, and the team I work with in the country is still almost intact. I love long walks in the English countryside in any weather, reading good books and looking through property brochures.  I haven’t been round the world, yet, but travelled the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire and most of the Czech Republic, where I come from. 


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